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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNDGLEEngines main namespace
|oCIDGLE_BaseEngine base fundamental interface
|oCIEngineSubSystemBase interface of any engine subsystem
|oCIPluginBase interface of any engine plugin
|oCISubSystemPluginBase interface of any engine core subsystem plugin
|oCIEngineBaseObjectBase interface of any engine object
|oCIBaseEventBase interface of any engine event
|oCIEvBeforeInitializationEvent occurs just before engine will call its initialization routines
|oCIEvConsoleWriteEvent occurs when some text is being added to the engine console
|oCIEvFatalMessageEvent occurs on engine fatal error
|oCIEvWindowMessageEvent occurs every time when window receives message
|oCIEvGetSubSystemEvent occurs when someone calls IEngineCore::GetSubSystem method
|oCIEvGoFullScreenEvent occurs when engine is going fullscreen or go back to windowed mode from fullscreen mode
|oCIEngineCoreMain engine interface
|oCTWindowMessageStructure with window event message information
|oCTEngineWindowDescribes the parameters of the main engine window and its behavior
|oCTSystemInfoDescribes user hardware and operating system
|oCTPluginInfoDescribes engine plugin information
|oCTColor4Describes color in engine
|oCTPoint2Describes point coordinates in 2D space
|oCTPoint3Describes point coordinates in 3D space
|oCTVertex2Describes graphical point coordinates, color and its texture coordinates in 2D space
|oCTRectFDescribes 2D rectangle by float values
|oCTMatrix4x4Describes 4x4 matrix and some math routines used in 3D graphics computes
|oCTTransformStackTemplate for multiplication stacks
|oCTMouseStatesDescribes the state of the mouse
|oCTKeyboardStatesDescribes the state of the keyboard
|\CTJoystickStatesDescribes the state of the joystick or gamepad
\CGUIDEngine interface unique identifier

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