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IEvConsoleWrite Member List

This is the complete list of members for IEvConsoleWrite, including all inherited members.

ExecuteCommand(uint uiCmd, TVariant &stVar)=0IDGLE_Basepure virtual
ExecuteTextCommand(const char *pcCommand, TVariant &stVar)=0IDGLE_Basepure virtual
ExecuteTextCommandEx(const char *pcCommand, char *pcResult, uint &uiCharsCount)=0IDGLE_Basepure virtual
GetEventType(E_EVENT_TYPE &eEvType)=0IBaseEventpure virtual
GetGUID(GUID &guid)=0IDGLE_Basepure virtual
GetText(char *pcTxt, uint &uiCharsCount, bool &bToPrevLine)=0IEvConsoleWritepure virtual
GetUnknownEventType(uint &uiUnknEvType)=0IBaseEventpure virtual

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