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IEvWindowMessage Class Referenceabstract

Event occurs every time when window receives message. More...

#include <DGLE.h>

Inheritance diagram for IEvWindowMessage:
IBaseEvent IDGLE_Base

Public Member Functions

virtual DGLE_RESULT DGLE_API GetMessage (TWindowMessage &stWinMsg)=0
 Retrieves window message.
- Public Member Functions inherited from IBaseEvent
virtual DGLE_RESULT DGLE_API GetEventType (E_EVENT_TYPE &eEvType)=0
 Returns type of event.
virtual DGLE_RESULT DGLE_API GetUnknownEventType (uint &uiUnknEvType)=0
 In case event type is ET_UNKNOWN, you can use this function to get specific event type id.
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDGLE_Base
 Returns unique identifier of the last interface in the inheritance chain.
virtual DGLE_RESULT DGLE_API ExecuteCommand (uint uiCmd, TVariant &stVar)=0
 Executes some command using its index or bitmask.
virtual DGLE_RESULT DGLE_API ExecuteTextCommand (const char *pcCommand, TVariant &stVar)=0
 Executes some text command and returns result as variant.
virtual DGLE_RESULT DGLE_API ExecuteTextCommandEx (const char *pcCommand, char *pcResult, uint &uiCharsCount)=0
 Executes some text command and returns result as string.

Detailed Description

Event occurs every time when window receives message.

Use this event to hook window messages.

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Member Function Documentation

virtual DGLE_RESULT DGLE_API GetMessage ( TWindowMessage stWinMsg)
pure virtual

Retrieves window message.

[out]stWinMsgStructure with current message information.

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