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It’s a powerful free and open source cross-platform engine for games and visualizations. Project is absolutely independent and represents my (learn more about me) vision of the perfect game engine.
The goal of the project is to provide developers with flexible and extendable cross-platform easy-to-learn professional technology, capable of building any 2D/3D games, real-time visualizations, scientific applications etc.
Right now it’s for C++, C#, Delphi or Free Pascal programmers (though engine headers could be ported to almost any language). It’s not a constructor, you definitely need to know how to program and love it as much as we.
We are constantly working on making engine much more friendly that's why you will find Editors with Lua scripting support as well.
DGLE is extensible and flexible by design. Right now it works under Windows but Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS support is coming in the nearest feature.
We develop platform with openness and extensibility first in mind. We don’t just have a modular codebase, DGLE brings its very own plugin framework with micro-core architecture.
There are several clear levels of abstraction from high-level engine API down to direct OpenGL or Direct3D calls.
Right now engine is good for any types of 2D games and simple 3D projects for Windows (they could be compiled for other platforms when engine will support them).
In the DGLE SDK you will find a lot of handy examples and best practices. Also there is API documentation and number of lessons for quick start on our wiki pages.
You can get instant help from the developers in your favorite social network or just mailing us directly.

Note that project is on early development stage and we need your support! Leave us your email below to show your interest in it, and we'll notify you on every major project update.

Get latest DGLE SDK

Download SDK for Windows (other platforms are in development right now), you will find everything you need to start developing and learning DGLE using С++, C#, Delphi or Free Pascal.


Free & Open Source

DGLE is 100% free of charge and open source. It’s hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub.
Feel free to collaborate with us and don’t forget to give project a !


Extensive Documentation

There’s no excuse for poor documentation, and we don’t need one. Peruse our wiki and you’ll find hundreds of pages detailing all things about DGLE and its API. Also there are a number of lessons for quick start.

or go to API docs directly

Instant User Support

You can get instant help from the developers or even request feature. We love what we do and are working hard to make our product better. We will answer every incoming question, so feel free to ask.

Contact us!
or email us directly